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Whether you’ve received a fire sprinkler system violation from FDNY, DOB, or ECB related, or want to avoid future violations by ensuring that your system will pass all inspections and tests, VIP Fire Sprinklers is the licensed and experienced contractor that will solve the problem.

If you take action and contact us as soon as possible after getting a notice of violation, fines can often be avoided or reduced. We guide you through all the paperwork, repairs, and testing to clear your violations. We also offer pre-tests and inspections to remedy any situations before inspectors issue future violations.

There are myriad local laws and building codes that apply to fire sprinkler systems, ranging from correctly painting piping and control valve handles to conducting regular tests to be witnessed by FDNY, to maintaining careful records of inspection testing, and maintenance.

It is critical to correct violations before the cure date, which is normally about 30 days, in order to avoid court dates and additional fines. We are available to schedule repairs and testing as soon as possible, and will also help prepare the paperwork that needs to be submitted to comply before the court date and avoid having to go to court.

FDNY Violations

From 5-year tests to record-keeping checks to obstructions and hydrostatic pressure requirements.

DOB Violations

Requirements for installation of sprinklers systems based on height, size, and zoning.

ECB Violations

Includes many rules from backflow prevention devices to sprinkler head clearance and more.

Local Laws

Rules for retrofitting older buildings, to color coding valves, connections, and system piping.

Local Law 26

This local law requires the retroactive fitting of a full fire sprinkler system in all buildings classified in Occupancy Group E and/or office buildings that are over 100 feet tall. VIP Fire Sprinklers has extensive experience with this law and ensuring that your building is fully compliant.

The deadline for installation of these sprinkler system was in July 2019, and any buildings that have not yet complied now face serious penalties and fines.  Installation must comply with all requirements, including inspection and sign-off. There are also interim reports that you must file during design and installation until you are fully compliant with the law.

Local Law 58/09

This NYC law mandates that certain sprinkler system components such as exposed pipes and valve handles must be painted certain colors to help identify their purpose. This color coding system helps FDNY and other local authorities identify components during emergency use and while inspecting the system.

VIP Fire Sprinklers will ensure your system complies. Exposed standpipes and sprinkler piping must be painted red, as must all dedicated standpipe handles. Combination standpipe and sprinkler valve handles must be painted yellow. Dedicated sprinkler valve handles must be painted green. No building is exempt.


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