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All new commercial and residential buildings in New York City and most existing buildings are now required to have fire sprinkler systems, according to FDNY, NFPA, and NYC Department of Buildings regulations. The NFPA provides guidance with regard to all of a fire sprinkler system’s components and design, from pipe sizes to spacing of sprinkler heads to hydraulic calculations. 

VIP Fire Sprinklers is your experienced partner to navigate the laws, regulations, and guidelines that you must follow as a building owner to ensure the safety of your building and its occupants. 

We assist with every step of the process from consulting to design to installation and repairs. As a fully licensed contractor we are able to engineer and install new systems or retrofit older buildings to meet the latest building codes. We also remedy any violations you may have and ensure total compliance to get them removed. 

Whether your building is commercial, residential, industrial, high-rise, multi-family, warehouse, retail, or institutional, we have the expertise and experience to ensure that you have the best code-compliant fire sprinkler solution for your particular needs.


New Construction

Commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems from start to finish.


Keep a 100% compliant, safe, and functional fire sprinkler system.


Add code-compliant fire protection to any parts of a building being altered.


Abide by local laws and integrate a system into your existing structure.

Maintenance & Repair

All fire sprinkler systems eventually experience deterioration over time. Through regular inspections and testing as mandated by NFPA and FDNY, we will sometimes find that components have been damaged or no longer function as expected. Sometimes, accidents or vandalism or natural disasters can cause damage to the sprinkler system. 

We offer emergency service as well as scheduled maintenance and repairs to solve these issues expeditiously and keep your building safe. This may include replacement of sprinkler heads or water pumps, repairing valves, replacing aging or leaking pipes and joints, and more.

Alterations & Retrofits

Alterations or new sprinkler systems are often required when renovating a building or adding new space to an existing building. VIP Fire Sprinklers will work with you to design, engineer, install, and maintain your code-compliant sprinkler system

Various NYC laws and codes require retrofitting older buildings with sprinkler systems. Commercial buildings over 100 feet tall are required to have fire sprinkler systems installed. An amendment under consideration would require sprinklers to be installed in all residential buildings over 40 feet tall by 2029. It is important to abide by the new regulations for legal compliance, public safety, and insurance coverage.


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